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Loyalty & Reward Programs

Design, develop and launch loyalty and reward programs to increase customer engagement, spend, and retention to drive sales, profit, and overall market share.
  • Determine reward structure to support the client’s overall objective (e.g. sales, change customer behavior, increased shopping frequency)
  • Work with client’s IT staff or 3rd party resource to develop technology requirements to support the program
  • Develop email and social marketing communications to launch and support the program
  • Measure effectiveness

Membership & Subscription Programs

Drive higher sales and profits through increased shopping frequency and customer retention.
  • Design and launch successful membership or subscription programs
  • Work with client’s IT staff or 3rd party resource to develop technology requirements to support the program
  • Develop and deploy email and digital marketing communications strategy
  • Drive acquisition of existing programs
  • Drive customer retention of existing programs

Influencer Marketing Programs

Engage and develop social influencer programs to promote brand and drive sales on products and services.
  • Determine incentive, discount or payment structure for key influencers
  • Develop email communication strategy and content structure for influencers
  • Develop social content program and requirements
  • Measure effectiveness

Customer Engagement & Retention Programs

Develop marketing strategies to maximize the customer value and optimize the customer experience at every stage of the customer lifecycle.
  • Develop customer segmentation strategies to best leverage each type of customer profile
  • Determine and maximize customer lifetime value and customer engagement/retention
  • Develop the best marketing messages and content for the various lifecycle stages and segments

Email & Social Media Marketing

Develop and deploy email/CRM strategies and content to maximize customer engagement and support membership, subscription, loyalty and influencer programs.
  • Develop email and  CRM strategy and automation to engage customers at every stage of the customer lifecycle
  • Create initial and ongoing email content
  • Develop and conduct AB testing to improve email effectiveness
  • Develop social strategy for ads and posts as well as manage and boost social postings
  • Measure effectiveness of email and social campaigns


We offer general consulting services on Working with and Selling to Costco Wholesale, Ecommerce, Loyalty and Reward Programs, Membership and Subscription Programs, Marketing Communications and Customer Engagement Strategies. We offer our consulting services at an hourly rate or on an agreed upon monthly or project retainer.


We meet with our clients to fully understand their goals, and work together to design and develop marketing programs to meet their needs and achieve their objectives. We develop and provide a customized Statement of Work Proposal for each client with pricing based upon estimated hours required.

We can work with our clients as:

  • A one-time consultant paid on an hourly basis, or on a monthly retainer
  • A resource to develop and launch membership, subscription, loyalty and rewards, and influencer programs
  • An ongoing service to fully execute and manage these programs